5010 2T CBA Blast & Storage

Tekna blast freezers and storage freezers have been carefully designed to chill or store the maximum amount of gelato or confectionary in the minimum amount of space.

The Tekna line of frost-free storage freezers have automatic defrost settings and ventilated cabinets making for a uniform, stable environment and feature electronic temperature control ranging from +5C to -25C. A storage freezer will allow you to maximize production and help control food costs.

The Tekna line of blast freezers ensure proper creaminess, consistency, flavour and shelf life. Without a quality blast freezer your gelato may separate, forming ice crystals. Product texture and consistency will be dramatically reduced, resulting in a gritty and inferior product. By rapidly chilling or “shocking” your gelato down to a temperature of -40 degrees Celsius you can be certain that your product will retain the visual appeal and silky texture that your customers demand.


Finishing: White skinplate / Grey skinplate / Stainless steel
Range Of Temperature: -18°C / -40°C ; +5°C / -25°C
Compressors: 2
Power: 2
Capacity: 500
Inner Settings: 2 + 2 Grid shelves