Built-in Pitcher Rinser 6x5.5x2.5''

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Having an efficient work flow and clean barista tools make for a happy barista and a happy customer. With the Krome Steaming Pitcher Rinsers you're able to quickly rinse out your steaming pitchers to keep you moving during a rush. In addition to rinsing out the lingering milk, pitcher rinsers help cool down the pitcher, a integral part to getting the best micro-foam possible out of your milk.

The In-Counter model is a flush mounted model for those that want to have the rinser imbedded into their countertop. This model benefits from having the water and drain tubes attached underneath the rinser, leaving your countertop free of any extra tubes. Dimensions: 16.8 W x 17.78 D x 13.34 H (CM) with a pan height of 6.67cm.
Hole dimension requirements: 16cm x 14cm