The Executive produces a whole array of international pastry products including:

 Pâte á Bombe * Butter Cream * Bavarian and English Cream * Mousse * Pâte á Choux * Meringue * Chocolate Tempering * Ganache * Lemon and Fruit Tart Fillings * Fruit Jellies * Marmalade * Fruit Sauces and Jams * Bechamel * Poached Fruit * Fruit Sherbert * Chocolate Custard * Chocolate Sauces * Artisanal Gelato * Sorbetto and much more.

The multifunctional Executive combines heating, pasteurizing, freezing and whisking all in one machine and eliminates any wait time in between recipes due to its dual internal chambers. The Executive is two machines in one. The operator can be cooling down butter cream in the lower chamber while heating chocolate ganache in the upper chamber, since the two chambers work simultaneously and independently of one another.


  • Makrolon® front door (special thermal insulating material)
  • Three-blade stainless steel mixer with interchangeable scrapers
    (2 blades for 18 models)
  • Automatic washing system (not available for table top models)
  • Automatic temperature control thanks to advanced thermoregulators with “sensible touch” displays
  • Patented internal connection between upper and lower tank
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Easy mixture loading
  • Ingredients can be added during each heating or freezing phase
  • Rapid temperature cooling of hot product from 85° Celsius down to 4° Celsius results in the most sterile product possible
  • Short freezing time
  • Fast gelato extraction system
  • Extremely easy to handle and clean