Floor Standing Knock Tube

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Running around to empty the knock bins frequently? Even if you wish you had a bigger one, there is a limit to how big it can get without occupying too much pace on your countertop. Here is the other option you might want to consider.
A Long height standing knock bin is a great alternative to the traditional countertop knock chutes. Spent coffee is out of your way and your counter remains clean. Isn’t this what you’ve been looking for all this while?

This Standing Knock Box is made of Polypropylene and is sturdy and durable. Also includes the knock bar and separates into 3 parts for easy cleaning.

  • Made of strong and durable Polypropylene polymer
  • Separates into 3 parts. Easy to clean and assemble back.
  • Includes hooks on the sides for holding barista cloth.
  • 3-4 times the capacity of a countertop knock box. No frequent filling-up and emptying needed.