The fornitalia Blackline Oven is the electric oven designed for the chef who never ceases in the pursuit of perfection.
Electric Single Chamber Oven – Internal Surface Dimensions 85×70 Cm – Max Temp. 400°C
Electronic control with manual or automatic settings allowing for power draw to be adjusted based upon workload.


Max Temperature: 400°C
Voltages: 400V
Phases: 3+N
Frequency: 50Hz
Power Consumption: 3,3/6,6W
Consumption: 5Kw/h


  • Insulation in ceramic fiber high yield
  • Double lamp encased with new cooling technology for longer life
  • Refractory plate thick
  • Temperature probe indestructible
  • Exhaust fumes and vapors central and easily adjustable via electric switch
  • Heating elements and reinforced front door
  • Front oven insulated with “frontal system pack” for a minimum heat loss
  • Control Panel cooled internally via fan operated by sensor thermodynamic
  • Electronic card with manual or automatic function that can handle the power according to the workflow