K24 is a continuous chocolate tempering machine with cutting edge technology that ensures extraordinary performance! It has a 53 lb tank that comes preset with numerous programs and even allows for the control of the chocolate’s core temperature. The self-cleaning program allows for easy replacement of chocolate type and color. It also comes equipped with anti-congealing lamps that heat the grid and let the drops flow freely into the tank and a pedal dispenser with programmable quantity adjustments among many other features.


  • Temperature automatic control
  • Heated grill for chocolate always smooth
  • Precise temperature control avoiding tempering exit
  • Display easy to read and digital keyboard
  • Easy change of type/colour of chocolate
  • Pre-set programming for the chocolate melting
  • Auger screw in stainless steel to prevent wear
  • 10 Customizable programs
  • Air absence in the moulds
  • Programmable volumetric pedal dispenser
  • Easy cleasing of the tank
  • Electric outlet suitable to be connected to any plug