Pizza dough rollers manufactured by Friulco are 100% Italian made and patented world wide.
All stainless steel construction = virtually unbreakable.
Safety interlocked stainless steel guards on top and bottom for maximum operator safety.
Heavy duty chain driven running gear.
Large diameter ‘drum’ rollers that will not bow out or expand under load.
Ergonomic design; fast, safe and easy to use.
Mounted on legs for ease of cleaning under machine without moving it.
No plastic gears, transmissions, thickness adjusters or rubber drive belts.

Rolls pizza bases any size from 25cm to 51cm
Adjustable thickness
200g – 1000g dough ball capacity.
Heavy duty chain driven with 90mm diameter rollers
All stainless steel construction. Delrin (synthetic) non-stick rollers.
Chain driven stainless steel running gear, cogs, etc for long, maintenance free life.
Full safety features including dough chute, guards and micro-switch.
Easy to use and clean
Power: 750watts / 240v. / 10amp plug