Mozzafiato Chronometro Type R

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Rocket has redesigned and improved one of their most popular home espresso machines! The Mozzafiato Type R has an insulated boiler and a remodeled internal layout, specially crafted to insure you have a quieter and more refined experience when pulling shots of hot, delicious espresso and cappuccinos. This new version of the Giotto is essentially a miniature commercial espresso machine.

The Mozzafiato has a rotary pump and can draw from its large 2.9 liter water tank, or be direct plumbed to a water supply. It also has advanced special features, such as the ability to adjust the pump pressure externally for finely tuned extractions and a PID thermostat for great temperature stability while brewing.

This machine has an elegant design made of beautiful stainless steel and features the legendary E-61 grouphead. The 1.8 liter boiler is made of pure copper with a lead free brass end plate, and the copper is plated with nickel to protect against oxidation.