Nexus One

Every problem is also a window of opportunity. You just have to open it up. And that’s what we did. We literally designed a hole in the wall. Created less machine and more experience. So the connection and interaction between customer and barista is optimized to the max.
Real magic happens when you are able to translate state of the art technology into ease of use. To let all engineering possibilities available work together in order to produce a quality product like no other. We think we did with our NEXUS. So please, play it like a pro!
Not only do we offer NEXUS One standard in stylish Onyx Black and Jasmine White, we also offer our exclusive Radius Color Chart: a carefully curated collection of 32 colours for you to pick from. Colors range from metallic, solid colours and satin finishes. So, which color
will you pick?

If you require a custom color or would like to add branding to your machine, our designers will work with you to create a NEXUS One exclusive and unique to you. This service is complimentary in our NEXUS Pro Package


Perfect for: Specialty/Designer Shops, High Volume Locations, Demanding Professionals