This Bottene Raviolatrice tabletop ravioli machine comes equipped with double pasta sheet rollers and interchangeable molds. With this machine it is possible to produce different ravioli shapes (rectangular, round, 1/2 moon etc.) and also control the amount of filling. The pasta sheets used with this ravioli machine can be produced with any of our other pasta machines. Available with manual or electric drive systems.


Production: 50 ÷ 150 ravioli/min
Motor: 0.18 kW


  • Table ravioli machine with double pasta sheet and interchangeable moulds
  • Can produce many different ravioli shapes (rectangular, round, 1/2 moon etc.) and dose the amount of filling
  • The Raviolatrice professional pasta machine is made of excellent quality material, all finished in stainless steel, it is strong and easy to use and complies with current safety standards